Monday, 20 February 2012

How to Connect Two Laptops Using WiFi

This is step by step tutorial on how you can connect two laptops using WiFi (or two desktop computers with WiFi devices). This type of network is known as peer to peer network and is useful for file sharing and using same INTERNET connection on both systems. So as told earlier you should have two laptops with WiFi or desktops with WiFi devices to make this connection.

Connecting Two Computers Using WiFi

Let’s name both laptops as PC1 and PC2. Now we need to set names andworkgroups of both computers (Remember both computers will have same workgroups). To set the name and workgroup of both computers right click onMy Computer and select Properties. Click the tab which says Computer Name and change names of computers as you like (Here we will set computer names PC1 and PC2) and also change the Workgroup option as you like (but this Workgroup should be same for both computers).

Now you need to make “Wireless Network Connection” in PC1. Right click on Wireless Network icon for this and click on option “View Available Wireless Network”.

Now click on option “Change Advance Settings”.

Now a windows “Wireless Internet Connection Properties” will open. Click on the tab which says “Wireless Network” and then click Add button. Now write a name in Network Name field. You can also set a password here if you like and also remember to check the option “This is computer to computer network”. Now press OK and “wireless network properties” will be closed.

Now in next step, you need to provide IP for network in “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”. For this, right click on “Wireless Internet Connection” and go inProperties and click Internet Protocols and then click Properties. Here For example.

PC1 = IP Address: Subnet Mask:

PC2 = IP Address: Subnet Mask:

And Default Gateway as (same as IP address of PC1). Having done this all, you can connect both computers using WiFi.

File Sharing Between Both Computers

Now for file sharing Enable the Sharing of “Shared Folder” in both computers. So to go in other computer, write IP address of that computer in address bar of first computer and press Enter (in this case write \\ and press Enter). This will open other computer’s sharing folder where you can share file, delete files or rename them (make sure to allow these actions from other computer). 

Wireless Internet Sharing Between Both Computers

It is very easy to do when you have followed above procedure. Right click on “Internet Connections” on one computer (which has INTERNET connection in it) and go in Properties and click on Sharing and check the option which says “Allow other network users to connect through this computer” and select “Wireless Internet Connection” in “Home Network Connection”. If you want you can also check “Establish Dial up Connection” and “Allow Other Network” .

That is it. You have connected both computers using WiFi and now you can share files, play games and chat on this network. 


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