Monday, 20 February 2012

3ds Max Shortcut Keys

Open File CTRL+O (letter "o")
Save File CTRL+S
Redo Scene Operation CTRL+Y
Undo Scene Operation CTRL+Z
Delete Objects DELETE
Top View T
Bottom View B
Left View L
Front View F
Camera View C
Isometric User View U
Maximize Viewport Toggle ALT+W
Wireframe / Smooth Toggle F3
Material Editor M
Expert Mode CTRL+X
Show Tab Panel Toggle Y
Hide Cameras Toggle SHIFT+C
Hide Lights Toggle SHIFT+L
Hide Grids Toggle G
Go to End Frame END
Go to Start Frame HOME
Forward Time One Unit . (period)
Back Time One Unit , (comma)
Play Animation / (forward slash)
Auto Key Toggle N
Render Last F9
Render Scene F10
Select All CTRL+A
Select Invert CTRL+I (letter ???i???)
Select None CTRL+D
Select-By-Name Dialog H
Select Q
Move W
Rotate E
Scale R
Transform Gizmo Toggle X
Transform Type-In Dialog F12
Align ALT+A
Zoom Extents Selected All Z
Zoom Region Mode CTRL+W
Zoom Viewport In [ (open square bracket)
Zoom Viewport Out ] (closed square bracket


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