Monday, 20 February 2012

Adobe Fireworks Shortcut Keys

1. Shortcuts for selecting and working with Fireworks Tools

v or 0Choose the Pointer tool (black arrow). Switching tools is a common task within Macromedia Fireworks. Pressing the v key or the 0 key switches to the Pointer Tool. Pressing it again switches between the Pointer and Select Behind Tool.
a or 1Choose the Subselector Tool (white arrow). This tool is pretty handy for selecting parts of complex elements.
tChoose the Text Tool
bChoose the Brush Tool
cChoose the Crop Tool
eChoose the Erasor Tool
gChoose the Paintbucket Tool
hChoose the Hand Tool
iChoose the Eyedropper Tool
jChoose the Polygon Hotspot Tool
kSelect the Slice Tool
lSelect the Lasso Tool
mSelect the Marqee Tool
nSelect the Line Tool
pSelect the Pen Tool
qSelect the Scale Tool
rSelect the Blur Tool
sSelect the Rubber Stamp
uSelect the Rectangle Tool
wSelect the Magic Wand Tool
zMagnify Tool
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2. Working With Fireworks Files using Shortcuts

strg+nCreate a new Fireworks document. It directs you to the new document menu from where you can set canvas size, resolution and color. Also good to know: if you have an image in the Clipboard, Fireworks automatically pre-set the new documents dimensions
ctrl+oOpens an existing Fireworks MX document
ctrl+sSaves the current Fireworks MX document
ctrl+shift+rExport File
ctrl+shift+xExport Preview
ctrl+shift+sSave As
ctrl+rImport file
ctrl+pPrint file
ctrl+qQuit Fireworks
ctrl+wClose current Window
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3. Using the Fireworks Zoom Feature with Keyboard Shortcuts

ctrl++ ahd ctrl+-Zoom in and/or out: The easiest way to change the current zoom level is to press the ctrl++ keyboard shortcut to zoom in and to press ctrl+- to zoom out again.
ctrl+0Fit Selection
ctrl+550 % Magnification
ctrl+1100 % Magnification
ctrl+2200 % Magnification
ctrl+4400 % Magnification
ctrl+8800 % Magnification
ctrl+33200 % Magnification
ctrl+66400 % Magnification
ctrl+alt+0Zoom to selection
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4. Working with Fireworks Objects

ctrl+g, ctrl+shift+gGroups and un-groups objects. For ungrouping, just add the shift key to the combination and press ctrl+shift+g
ctrl+aSelects all objects. Presssing this keyboard shortcut selects all objects on the active canvas. Easy to remember, since it is used in most applications for selecting all.
xSwitch Fill and Stroke colors in color wells
f9Show/Hide blue lines around selected objects
ctrl+shift+arrow upBring object to front
ctrl+shift+arrow downSend object to back
ctrl+arrow upBring object forward
ctrl+arrow downSend object backwards
ctrl+alt+1Align objects left (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+2Align objects center vertical (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+3Align objects right (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+4Align objects top (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+5Align objects center horizontal (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+alt+6Align objects bottom (when multiple objects are selected)
ctrl+shift+uInsert Hotspot
ctrl+alt+shift+cCopy Attributes from one object
ctrl+alt+shift+vPaste Attributes to another object
ctrl+alt+dDuplicate Object
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5. Image and Canvas Manipulation in Fireworks

ctrl+shift+tNumeric Transformation
ctrl+alt+tTrim Canvas
ctrl+alt+fFit Canvas
ctrl+shift+9Rotate Object 90 Degrees Clockwise
ctrl+shift+7Rotate Object 90 Degrees Counter-Clockwise
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6. Ruler and Guides with Keybaord Shortcuts

ctrl+alt+rShow/Hide Ruler
ctrl+;Show/Hide Guides (if there are any guides in the document)
ctrl+shift+;Snap/ Unsnap to Guides
ctrl+alt+;Lock/ Unlock Guides
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7. Basic Fireworks Commands using Keyboard Shortcuts

ctrl+uFireworks Preferences
fChange between Full Screen and Normal Screen
tab, f4Show/Hide Tool Windows
ctrl+shift+fConvert object to Path
ctrl+shift+iInverse Selection (when for example part of bitmap is selected)
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8. Working with Text in Fireworks

ctrl+shift+.Increase Text size
ctrl+shift+,Decrease Text size
ctrl+bApply bold formatting
ctrl+iApply italic formatting
ctrl+alt+shift+lAlign Left
ctrl+alt+shift+cAlign Centered Horizontally
ctrl+alt+shift+rAlign Right
ctrl+alt+shift+jAlign Justified
ctrl+alt+shift+sAlign Stretched


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