Sunday, 26 February 2012


  1. Dear Webmaster,
    Hope you are well.
    We are Blender Guru’s Website Maintenance Team.
    In our regular review of backlinks to our website, 
we have discovered links pointing from your website to our website.
 have listed all relevant links information below for your quick 

    We would like to ask you to remove all Blender Guru links from from the above list. Please know that your site’s integrity and 
business practices are not in question here, and we are not contacting 
you alone for our backlink clean-up process.
    Please get in touch as soon as possible to confirm that you have received this email and have removed the link in question.
    Thank you for understanding.
    Kind regards,
    Dimitri Draghia
    Jerrard Wayne Creatives Ltd
    +44 (0)20 8263 6020